the smith family has finally landed on my blog!!!  i feel like jody and i have been emailing back and fourth for years trying to coordinate our schedules last minute to do a shoot!  although, jody and her family don’t live here anymore….(they are currently in annapolis, maryland), they come here to visit family a few times a year! over thanksgiving break we were able to squeeze in a chilly, snowy weather shoot at her parents farm house here! such a great property and a super fun family to work with, we laughed a lot and were a tiny bit cold…..but how warm are their smiles?!? a beautiful family!!a big thanks and shoutout to dan, jody’s husband who has been a marine for over 18 years!!! miss jordan was so photogenic! a true beauty!!!  i hope to see her in a few years for senior portraits in WARM weather!:)4 big kisses for mom…..for making them sit in the snow!! ok… didn’t make them sit in the snow…i did…..but how adorable!:)

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meet mckayla sue named after a few of her grandmas. i have been anxious to meet her…..even before her parents wedding in 2013, the plan to have a little one was in their future, and i was just waiting for this shoot since then!!:) this little peanut came 2 weeks early, but is so beautiful!

i am such a sucker for a newborn smile!!!:):) mckayla’s mom brought her teal/aqua/silver ornaments for a unique christmas photo…….we just loved this!!:)
the last quilt mckayla’s great, great (i think) grandma made. she was very comfy on it:)parenting seems to come pretty natural to these two!!

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shooting in november is hit or miss……first….it’s tough finding any fall foliage left…..second….it could be 70 degrees or 40….looking at the 7 day forecast, i knew that saturday (our scheduled day to shoot-while dad was home from working away), was going to be chilly, even with a chance of snow flurries… i was able to get just kamden and his momma (and mia too, of course) out on a beautiful 70 degree day a few days earlier! typically, i don’t see my clients too often, between shoots, but luckily, kamden is our neighbor and one of chandler’s best buds! so, i get to see his adorable face, all the time!!!:)
i recently picked up this old tricycle, and knowing kamden loves anything on wheels, i knew he would love this “vroom, vroom!”kamden sure loves his momma…..and i think his momma loves his just as much;)maybe more!
who would have thought….kamden loved being in a tree!

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alicia - November 19, 2014 - 6:25 pm

Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! Thank u so much!!

Laken - November 27, 2014 - 8:06 pm

Beautiful pictures ! Kamden is too cute !!! :)


my calendar in the fall is crazy busy! i blocked off the weekend of october 18th, a tad earlier than years in the past.  so that meant getting in the holiday spirit much earlier than usual! CKP went BIG this year.  i am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shoot on this amazing property a few miles outside of punxsutawney.  i held my  mini sessions on the estate porch last year, this year…..we utilized the barn.  going inside rather than outside of the barn.  i can have amazing light inside of this beautiful old, restored barn.  but, it can also be tricky at times, if the light is changing and not constant.  over the course of a 6 hour shoot of 17 families, i definitely had to adjust to the conditions!

i studied art all through high school and college, and besides shooting, editing and creating a few DIY projects a year.  the artist in me is limited because of time constraints. each year, once i figure out where i want to have my mini sessions held, i start the creative process! i learn visually and i think visually and when my visions start to come to life and are even more than i imagined they would be…..i am thrilled! it’s like riding a bike….once an artist, always an artist!  i owe thanks to many helping hands for this year! the property owner, who can not be any more generous, thoughtful and just all around one of the best guys you would ever meet! my dad and husband both helped me with cutting down the (2)20 foot trees.  the assisting on moving, hanging, and rearranging, etc… mom who was able to spend extra time with chandler while i was busy getting everything ready.  and kaylan, my awesome assistant who kept me organized, on time and on track the whole day!  this was quite the production and i have put on here.  and i am forever grateful for all inolved!!

including my 17 wonderful families that i photographed! i announced the sessions were available to be booked on a tuesday evening a few weeks prior to the actual day, and within 2 hours 16/17 slots were filled!!!! the following day #17 got filled.  i am completely humbled that my clients new or old have no idea what the set ups are even going to look like at the time of booking and they are so anxious to get a CKP spot! i am honored to be your chosen photographer for such special photos, that will be cherished now and in future years.

i had a wonderful group of families this year!  everyone came ready to be photographed, looking wonderful from head to toe! i LOVE my clients! for real, you all are so awesome and i thank you for choosing me to photograph your family!

well here it is!! real antique wagons from the 1920s, fresh pine trees, hanging lights, a variety of textures, and those beautiful barn wood beams letting light shine through. i love it!!!  and i hope you do too!!

oh, and we can’t forget about fall, right?

just 4 families chose to do the fall set up, christmas is always more popular…..but i love shooting those vibrant fall colors too!!

christmas is up first! i had 4 babies who will celebrate their 1st christmas this year, so those families all get an extra sneak peak at their little babe!

the youngest born in august…..scarlettmax born in julyaria born in februarylaken born in april



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Rose Weaver - November 16, 2014 - 1:46 pm

Beautiful pictures of so many families and babies:):) I love it all…so festive :)

Alicia - November 18, 2014 - 9:15 pm

Very nice!


if you follow me on facebook, you would have seen a couple of sneak peaks from the hunsinger family.  i mentioned 4 year old anna earlier this week, and how she is my new friend…she LOVES to hug! i wanted to take her home with me. such a little sweetie!!!  and i also mentioned about anna’s mom jayme. she is just as sweet as anna, and a super inspiring person for all that she has accomplished!!! take a look at a few sites and shows she has been featured on!!  good morning america, the huffington post, Dr. OZ, and SHAPE magazine. Check out her blog page, Figure in Control and keep up to date with tips and encouragement in your own journey!
had such a great time with the entire family of 3!! neil, actually surprised jayme, with this session on their 5 year anniversary gift, so it was only appropriate to take a few photos of these two alone! hope you love these hunsinger family! thanks for making the trip to punxsy to work with me, again!

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Jean - November 15, 2014 - 1:01 am

Love the pictures of Jayme, Neil and Anna.
You certainly caught every precious moment.
Love all three of them. Anna certainly wins a persons heart instantly.


justin & mary. let me swoon for a moment! these two! their love! their look! their vision! the details! their family and friends that love BIG!

here is their story…..
a complete DIY wedding.  mary, her sisters, and the women in her family pulled together to do some amazing never before seen unique details for the day! the flowers/laterns were all done by mary’s aunt.i could have gone completely overboard with detail shots. but here are just a couple of the reception space.  i was able to snap a few pics before anyone got there! justin and mary came up with the cute idea for justin to come into mary’s childhood home blindfolded…..not getting the chance to peak at the bride (before the “first look”).  he arrived just as mary was coming out to shoot portraits. this was all totally unscripted. love it!justin had no idea mary was going in for a kiss……totally caught him off guard.she was one stunning bride!dad……did you get your shot?!!?!  he was so proud!the perfect bridesmaids are sisters! that is a set of 4 gorgeous sisters right there!
while shooting the bride and the bridesmaids individually, i usually ask to take their hands in the back and either hold hands or hug.  caroline (the youngest of 4) and mary (the oldest of 4) wanted to hold pinkies, since that was “their thing”:)
lots and lots of love and tears of joy!justin! look at this handsome guy!  he was so happy to be getting married that day!this group was fun indeed! the laughter was so contagious!justin’s parents were equally excited and happy for their son to tie the knot too!
the first look!!!justin’s response to seeing mary for the first time….. “WOW!!” he was completely in awe with his blushing bride! he couldn’t believe mary was his bride and that he was getting married that day!!! their love, after dating for many, many years is was SUCH a beautiful fall day! perfect!when it was time for me to leave, justin asked me if i would include the “out takes”, i replied with OF COURSE! this was a cute one!
that is a good looking group!!!!all the girls had these gorgeous shawls for the ceremony.  i couldn’t get enough!when i first met with mary & justin, they told me they wanted an outdoor ceremony at DUSK.
as a natural light photographer, i knew i would want to be able to capture their ceremony in the most natural way.  i did not want to, nor did i use any on or off camera flash/light.  i didn’t want a light or a flash to distract from the short ceremony nor did i want to create flat images. i was able to adjust my settings to create the look they wanted without flattening it with artificial light. although their ceremony was, not more than 15 minutes, with each minute it got darker and darker… kept me on my toes!;) a little grainy, not super sharp……but beautiful!
justin & mary’s ceremony was so unique, so special, the best words to describe it was magical! the music, the dimming sky, the lights, the  lanterns, the tears, the love, the embrace of family and friends totally pulled at my heart strings!
after the ceremony, before i was scheduled to leave-we shot a few more portraits of justin and mary in their ceremony space.  i did use a video light in these next few shots-since it was pitch black at this point.
a final twirl of his bride! congrats justin & mary!!!!

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Marcy - November 13, 2014 - 12:16 am

These pictures captured the feeling of love in the air!

Cindy - November 13, 2014 - 2:14 pm

These pictures are beautiful! The bride, the maids, the venue, the LIGHTS–perfect!
(I may be biased, but, I love love love it all!)

Terri - November 13, 2014 - 2:52 pm

You did a perfect job…love them all .Your eye for detail is just wonderful. Thanks for really capturing what we all felt that special day.

Debra Travis - November 14, 2014 - 1:48 am

You ability to capture the emotion with the pictures brings the memories to life. Beautiful!

Rose Weaver - November 14, 2014 - 11:11 pm

Everything was beautiful and perfect!! Loved it all! Great job CKP:)

Melissa Dunkel - November 15, 2014 - 2:53 am

Courtney–you did a fabulous job! It was such a beautiful day, and you captured each moment!


i can finally say that chandler is a year and a half!  i think it’s been since his first birthday photos that you have seen this handsome man of mine on the blog! he grows, changes and learns on a daily basis! it is absolutely crazy to think in 4.5 months he will be 2?!?!?!  these days chandler isn’t a baby anymore.  he looks like a toddler, acts like a toddler, pretty safe to say he is one! a few weeks ago, with the help of my mom, (thanks for helping mom!!) we were able to capture just a few photos of chandler and i together. i am lucky if i have photos that don’t turn out blurry when she is helping me. and i am double lucky if she gets ones of us smiling together! these photos aren’t anywhere near perfect, but i do love them! chandler is quite the squirmy worm and i know i am tickling him in the photo above.  it is sooooo hard being a the mom and the photographer at the same time.  chandler is used to my craziness, and isn’t amused when i need him to be! i work sooooo hard to get his attention to look at me, and work even harder for a great natural smile. i might have gotten 2! the struggle is real folks! hahaha my toughest but cutest client!

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Elizabeth Mohney - November 12, 2014 - 5:55 pm


Rose Weaver - November 14, 2014 - 11:14 pm

The photos look great!

Pamela Hanley - November 16, 2014 - 2:12 pm

I just LOVE the picture with his little hands in his pocket. So cute!


dana & chase are a super fun couple, that i met through one of my former bride & grooms’ brandi & danny. (way back in 2011) i actually think that brandi’s wedding was their first official “ok, we are a couple moment……and everyone can know!” hehehe. it was documented in 2011, and now it’s official! dana & chase are married!! woohoo! dana made a gorgeous bride, loved her dress! their colors were perfect for fall, (at times a bit windy-see referenced photo later on) but a beautiful fall day they had!!  lots and lots of smiles were brightening each shot i took.  dana was such a happy bride!!!  she is so go with the flow, not fussy, and ALWAYS smiling kind of gal! love that about her! she is a dream to work with! chase is a gem too! he’s sweet, easy going-these 2 make a perfect match! here is their day! enjoy!

fall decor is so easy and fun to photograph with the accessories!:)i love fall!

happy bride! happy, happy, happy! she had good helpers getting ready too!

inside and out of the church were beautiful! and so was dana!

see that darn wind!!! hahaha….a blooper that was too cute not to share! dana is always ALL SMILES!

dana & chase didn’t do a first look, but an impromptu first look with dana’s dad was a must! he adores her!!

dana with her Godfather and Godmothers:)

boys will be boys…..

chase’s dad brought in his cool old corvette for their “get away ride”

mom and grandma-both adorable!

eyes on his bride!

if the church wasn’t picturesque enough….their reception venue, had lots of places that were great photo ops! 

some of the most beautiful, unique, one of a kind favors ever…….made months and months prior to wedding day….by an ANGEL.

for their engagement photos, we incorporated chase’s harley. once i saw the cake topper, i knew for their mess the dress session after the wedding, we just had to bring the harley along……can not wait to share those!!:)

i have never seen a bride and groom plan a secret surprise for everyone, they sung ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ by John Prime towards the end of the night.  this was excellent!! loved it! you two are too cute!!!

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Brandi - November 7, 2014 - 2:50 pm

Love them Courtney!!! Great job as always :) We had a wonderful day!! Dana you were a beautiful bride. I can’t wait to see the mess the dress photos!!


so so happy to get to photograph, sweet little girl arden at the hospital, when she was brand spanking new…..and even happier to get to spend more time with her a few days ago! simply precious!  her parents adore her, and i couldn’t be happier for this wonderful family! xoxoxo

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Elizabeth Mohney - November 5, 2014 - 7:11 pm

Absolutely precious!! Thank you so much for capturing our little angel’s first photos!! They’ll forever be treasured!!

Aunt Peggy - November 5, 2014 - 9:28 pm

These photos are priceless!!! I just want to pick her up and give her some Lovins!!!!!

Aunt Peggy - November 6, 2014 - 12:52 am

Forgot to say what a wonderful job that you did Courtney!!! I must say you had the BEST to work with!!!!


i am so glad i have gotten to know this family more in the last 2 years!  a previous wedding couple i photographed in 2010, we were connected again about 2 years ago when we shared a due date, that was 4 days apart of our first born.:) i knew i couldn’t photograph harris as a newborn, since i would either be 9 months pregnant and ready to pop…..or i would have a newborn baby of my own.  so i was happy to have the chance to photograph graham, the whitling’s 2nd son!:):)graham is just as cute as his big brother harris, and i will be excited to watch him grow through these next months and years!  such a beautiful baby boy!:)

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Jeanne - November 5, 2014 - 2:40 am

Love, Love, Love this family…….beautiful pictures…… :) :) :)

M o r e   i n f o