another super adorable and happy little one year old came to see me recently! maybe aria was happy she was turning one? maybe she was happy because of that little blue tifffany box/earrings she got to open and wear? maybe she was happy because she got to eat cake? whatever reason, i was totally ok with it! happy birthday aria!

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it was an absolute pleasure to finally meet handsome, super adorable and extremely happy nolan! nolan’s parents holli and todd got married a couple of years ago…..crazy how fast time flies!!!  first birthday photos were scheduled, and we got the most beautiful snow fall the day prior to his shoot, it stuck on the trees and the temperature was even above 30 degrees for his shoot! this is a major win for all!!  nolan is one of the cutest and HAPPIEST 1 year olds i have ever met! loved him!!seriously nolan, do you ever stop smiling? goodness, i love it! how old is nolan???? ONE!:):):) love this last one!

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cooper’s family was just on the blog a month ago… can you forget this clan? cooper is the 5th defelice baby and is just as cute as the rest! brandi and chase make some adorable kiddos!  although, cooper was happy and content the 4 hours he was at my home studio, cooper really fought the sleep! but for 20 days new, he really was able to look right at me…..and even give me a little smile! impressive cooper, impressive!;)
the girls are now outnumbered! what a crew!:)

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amber and john are expecting A…….BABY! girl? boy? amber does not know…..but JOHN does! i couldn’t believe it….and now I KNOW too! since we took a reveal pic…..just for fun…..but no one (including amber) is allowed to see until after the baby is born!:)i don’t know if i could handle my husband knowing the gender of the baby for all those weeks before the baby was delivered…..but amber wants to be surprised! so she surely will be!!! another beautiful snowy day here in western PA. couldn’t have asked for a prettier snowy day to shoot! the baby will be here before you know it, and the wait will be over! just kidding……can’t tell ya!!!!

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Rose Weaver - January 30, 2015 - 10:53 pm

BEAUTIFUL….Love all your pictures:)

Amber Kimel - January 30, 2015 - 11:03 pm

Thank you Rose! Your daughter did a wonderful job!


this beautiful, first time mama to be, is an old friend……whom i lost contact with, over the years.  so, we had lots of catching up to do, and we did……before our shoot, during our shoot and after our shoot too!;) i was luckily enough that she had contacted me to shoot her maternity photos and newborn photos too……once her precious little baby boy is here!   isn’t jen just stunning?!? she and ronnie had a great location scoped out, and the snow made is that much prettier! oh…..and did i mention….jen was 35 weeks pregnant… is was barely 30 degrees out…..snowing….and for jen’s 2nd look, she wanted some intimate shots OUTSIDE?!?! in the snow!  in january!  goodness i love my clients!!! so in love with this look we pulled together.  she looks so natural, organic and gorgeous all at the same time!  can’t wait to meet the babe!!!

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Dagmar Kessler - January 28, 2015 - 11:30 pm

Absolutely stunning! Jen is a friend of mine. Those pics are fantastic! She looks stunning! Great!


here they are again…..the most beautiful defelice family!!!  and their 5th maternity shoot!! 8 1/2 years ago, when carter (the oldest) was in brandi’s belly, i shot my first maternity session! i had no idea, that i would get to see this family grow every 18-25 months, but i absolutely love it!!! brandi sure does make pregnancy look good! and she sure does make raising 4 kids, soon to be 5….look pretty effortless and easy! can not wait to meet that 5th babe, any day now!!! oh….and those kiddos, can they get any cuter?!?

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Rose Weaver - January 30, 2015 - 10:56 pm

Precious family:)


met up with this beatiful extended family before the holidays this year, 3 of them came up from florida, 2 of them from across the country, in california, and the rest are local to dubois.  i am sure it isn’t often that all 10 of them are together.  hope everyone enjoyed their time spent together over the holidays! it was a pleasure meeting you all and getting to spend a little time with you all this afternoon! 

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can you even imagine how proud that beautiful couple is, (in the middle of the group shot) of the family that the 2 of them created?!?!  the anabaldi family has grown from 11 to 15 since 2009 (our last photo shoot).  right before the holidays, they all came in from canada, georgia and pittsburgh to celebrate christmas, and have their photos taken by CKP of course too! what a crew!!! a beautiful crew!! loved seeing you all!!

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