my sweet, precious, adorable, loving, clever, hand waving, bubble blowing, evil laughing, aunt coco loving, super squeezable niece has turned ONE today!!!! it’s crazy how an entire year has gone by with this amazing teeny being!  she has brought so much joy to my world.  as i sit here with tears welling up in my eyes, just thinking about the amount of love i have for her!  a first birthday in april wouldn’t be complete without pretty spring flowers (forsythia-one of my favs) and a cake smash of course!


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NANA - April 24, 2017 - 9:28 pm

These photos are gorgeous of Carson. I love the beauty of Carson in her white dress with her cake and flowers. So simple and YET so BEAUTIFUL. I love you Carson more and more each day.


meet rohwyn! just as sweet as her big sis paityn and makes the thompson family a party of 4!i was waiting for this smile!  i knew it was coming, i just love those big baby gummy grins! if she isn’t protected enough by her parents…..don’t worry big sis will be there too!so happy for the thompson family of 4!

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NANA - April 24, 2017 - 9:29 pm



i quite often do business, professional and political headshots, but i don’t ever blog them, because they are pretty straight forward and to the point. but, when one of your best friends (and CKP 2nd shooter and assistant), dives into a business venture and is rocking it out like i would only expect her to, her new professional images-must be shown off! 

this was such a fun and inspiring shoot.  and it is completely obvious, that kaylan is such a natural in front of the camera!  if you don’t already follow her, you need to!  here is her link to: LulaRoe Kaylan Eddy

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paige, lance and paityn are patiently waiting for baby girl #2, i am not sure who is going to love on her the most, but i have a feeling paityn is going to be such a loving and wonderful big sis! paige-you look absolutely gorgeous! if only we all could look this good 9 months pregnant! so excited to meet the newest little babe in april!

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meet the newest member of the mohney family! such a sweet, little content babe. 100% precious, mason.   he seems like the perfect addition! can’t wait to watch him grow!
and let’s not forget about big sis arden, how cute is this little peanut?!

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mandy and keith celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary this past fall, with their 3 kids and hearts full. since their marriage was never blessed in the catholic church, they felt now was the perfect time. mandy carried 9 white calla lilies for each year they have been married, along with a pink, purple and blue lily as well representing each child. along side their children, their parents joined them for the blessing. i loved being there to witness this special occasion! mandy simply looks fantastic!keith looked fantastic too! 😉i think we have a mama’s boy on our hands! monty wouldn’t leave his momma’s side!
of all of our photo sessions over the years….this session was keith’s favorite!! i wonder why?! 😉
vasbinder family, i am so happy for you and thank you for letting me apart of your journey!

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i would call this a perfect, beautiful little family here! and nolan is already on big brother duty, and of course that happy and sweet boy is perfect at it already! miss camille was a brand new 4 days old when i met her, and precious she was! what a wonderful early christmas gift!

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just a year ago, i was photographing eliza’s momma’s beautiful baby bump.  fast forward a year later and i had the pleasure of meeting their sweet girl, eliza a few days ago.  her 1st birthday theme is alice in wonderland and eliza and her decor could not be any more darling!!!

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not too often do the guys contact me to book a photo shoot, but sly steve set up a session for him, linnea and her 2 kiddos as an anniversary present. how sweet is that!?!  i got the honor of actually calling linnea the morning of their anniversary to surprise her with the gift! we chatted for a bit and decided to set something up before we lost all the fall colors.  we picked the perfect day! it was warm (for november) the sun was shining, these 4 looked awesome, and huge smiles were just non stop! i had such a fun time with these guys and i sure hope they did too!
love love love the sibling love!!

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