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Carulli’s Auto Service has been around since 1957, a hometown shop, with hometown boys.  these 2 little grease monkey’s are papa (donnie) carulli’s grandsons…….not old enough to start working yet, but i see dirty hands in their future! 😉 it’s a family tradition!

it was a last minute idea of mine to do a part of these 2 cousins’ shoot in the auto shop, and i am so glad nana of both boys, and mommy to nolan….agreed with my idea and let me work out my vision!:)a big thanks to eddy’s mercantile and the nomadic trading company for the use of their props! these boys are absolutely adorable and they couldn’t have been better!

they did clean up well after getting quite messy…..then it was time to hit the grass running in their bare feet of course!

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what a treat to see this little, sweet guy on the 4th of july! drake was so good for his first photo shoot, and it’s obvious he will be a lover of everything manly! i loved that jeremy and jodi incorporated their personal items for drake’s newborn shoot….including jeremy’s deer sheds, furs and jodi’s fathers’ cowboy hat! you two are going to be wonderful parents! enjoy him!!!

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over the river and through the woods to (great) grandmothers house we go! natalie and vincent’s mom and dad, knew that the kids’ great grandparents farm would be a great spot for photos! an old barn, pond, pretty flowers, even a neat old gas pump! it was perfect…..and the kids….were pretty much perfect too! natalie, is 9, and i knew she would be easy to photograph…..she’s such a natural! and 1 year old vincent, i was so pleasantly surprised how happy and cooperative that little man is too! mom and dad……please note…..i have so many more great ones! so excited to finish them all for you!!

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it’s been just a few months….(ooops….someone forgot about editing these photos)….since we were in texas (and florida) for a little family vaca. while visiting my brother, sister in law and nephew grant, i attempted to take cousin photos of the two boys. in the mountain and desert terrain. let’s just say, that boys will be boys……and 2 almost 2 year olds….sitting for photos, in a fun new area of rocks and cactus…..the dessert terrain is much more enjoyable! haha, to say the least, we got lots of candids! 😉  can’t wait to see these 2 together again next week!!!

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since these 3 are maryland residents…..i don’t get to see them as often as i like. but throughly enjoyed seeing them long enough to shoot their most adorable family of 3, and we had the chance to let our boys play together too! i really can’t believe that elliot is almost 3!!!  it seems like just yesterday, we were shooting melissa’s baby bump shoot! love you guys! xoxo

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such a beautiful wedding day eric & nikki had! a completely awesome couple to work with…..whose friends and family were so welcoming, fun and up for anything!  here is their day!loved the pop of yellow shoes nikki wore! ALL of the flowers were done by her bridesmaid(s), some serious talent right there!!!!
the transformation, of one absolulte stunning bride!!!!eric looked so handsome! i loved his (all the guys) “casual” look for the wedding!nikki looked just stunning! head to toe! perfect!her girls were so sweet and fun to work with! eric and nikki did a “first (un) look”, before ceremony, they had a special moment between the 2 of them, where they were able to talk (and laugh of course), hold hands, exchange notes and have a moment with each other before their big moment WITHOUT seeing each other! the minute those doors opened, the tears started to flow! eric adores his bride!they wrote their own vows, which had each other, and everyone there laughing one moment, and in tears the next.
mr & mrs knox!i think the girls out did the guys when it came to the funny faces!!!they will make gorgeous babies one day!! 😉their love is REAL.such a beautiful little spot we found on the way out to their reception!
loved not only their personalized cake stand, but their personalized cake topper with their beloved dachshund included!your bridal party is awesome if they participate in a choreographed number! perfect way to end such a gorgeous day!!!  much love to you two!!!

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jill & bob are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, and what better way to document where they are in life right now, than with family portraits!  they have 2 wonderful kids, a daughter in law, and 2 grandkids that keep them on their toes and their spirits young! had a great time with all of them!
the “original 4″nothing beats loving on the grandparents!ok…..well maybe loving on auntie amanda too!can you hear the laughter? it’s the best noise!such a great looking family of 4!ben & courtney enjoying each other’s company! 😉

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hey armstrong family! looking good guys! 😉  had a fun evening out at hemlock lake with this crew! grammy and pappy were so cute! just loving up on their 3 grandkids!the kiddos adore their uncle eddie!! it’s all about holden!ashley, cody, rhyley, remington and holden:)typical!:)this is the exact spot where cody gave ashley her engagement ring! so cute!so beautiful!

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