emmylu just turned 2, and kyson is just 3 months old. both of them so darling! emmylu kept me on my toes, and i absolutely loved her spunky and sweet personality!! kyson was so sleepy for our photo shoot, but mommy was able to wake him up at the very end, and i got a bright eyed smily little guy!
peek a boo, emmylu!!

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i love it when i can tell a relationship feels natural to a couple. it definitely feels that way for these two. they were giggling and enjoy their entire shoot. AND kissing and holding hands when no one was looking! a super sweet couple that total trust in me, and are up for anything. even an impromptu last minute location that we didn’t have the easiest time getting in and out of, but my goodness it was beautiful!! can not wait to shoot your wedding in september!! 

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just when i think the siegel family can’t get any more beautiful, this happens. 3 gorgeous, sweet, lovable little girls that love to twirl and all things girly. their parents adore them, and honestly….who wouldn’t? 

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it’s a great feeling when families can come together as one, and this is just what the kimmel/cloak/scordo families do. 2 grandmothers completely in love with their kids, their spouses and darling granddaughter(s).  this family scheduled this exact day 8 months in advance! what are the chances that it was super warm, the sun was shining, and there were still blossoms on the trees, considering how early spring came this year! funny how things work out! 😉

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a perk of being a photographer, is that so many people let me in on their secrets!!  like pregnancy announcements! i love being this secret keeper who gets to help announce their pregnancy with a fun photo they have me take!  i knew about baby knox long before most, and was thrilled to have had the opportunity to take in the fun!

jillian and steven found out that they were having a baby boy….and shortly after, they found out it was a BIG baby boy. the knox baby had the nickname of “tank” in utero! his weight was a mystery, but did not disappointment coming in at 1 ounce shy of 11 pounds!!  i couldn’t resist putting him on the scale for a shot! isn’t Anderson just precious!?

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it doesn’t feel like that long ago since danielle and mike’s wedding in 2011, but holy smokes…..2011…seems like forever ago! they were home for a family wedding, and wanted me to snap a quick few family photos, love seeing my former clients grow together and create beautiful families! 🙂

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2017 seniors, it’s time to announce & celebrate your graduation and/or party!  in a cool, modern, hip and fresh way!  whether you are going all out with a huge party, intimate brunch, or simply announcing graduation and what you will be doing after, celebrate what you have achieved and the journey you are about to embark on.  the 46 designs below are the front and back designs courtney katherine photography is offering this year, completely customizable, completely all about YOU.  please email courtney at CourtneyKatherinePhotography@hotmail.com to discuss pricing and customizing an announcement for your 2016 grad!

*note-announcements are only offered to courtney katherine clients*

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my sweet, precious, adorable, loving, clever, hand waving, bubble blowing, evil laughing, aunt coco loving, super squeezable niece has turned ONE today!!!! it’s crazy how an entire year has gone by with this amazing teeny being!  she has brought so much joy to my world.  as i sit here with tears welling up in my eyes, just thinking about the amount of love i have for her!  a first birthday in april wouldn’t be complete without pretty spring flowers (forsythia-one of my favs) and a cake smash of course!


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NANA - April 24, 2017 - 9:28 pm

These photos are gorgeous of Carson. I love the beauty of Carson in her white dress with her cake and flowers. So simple and YET so BEAUTIFUL. I love you Carson more and more each day.


meet rohwyn! just as sweet as her big sis paityn and makes the thompson family a party of 4!i was waiting for this smile!  i knew it was coming, i just love those big baby gummy grins! if she isn’t protected enough by her parents…..don’t worry big sis will be there too!so happy for the thompson family of 4!

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NANA - April 24, 2017 - 9:29 pm



i quite often do business, professional and political headshots, but i don’t ever blog them, because they are pretty straight forward and to the point. but, when one of your best friends (and CKP 2nd shooter and assistant), dives into a business venture and is rocking it out like i would only expect her to, her new professional images-must be shown off! 

this was such a fun and inspiring shoot.  and it is completely obvious, that kaylan is such a natural in front of the camera!  if you don’t already follow her, you need to!  here is her link to: LulaRoe Kaylan Eddy

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