it doesn’t seem like nearly a year has gone by since i took paityn’s newborn photos, but i suppose it has…..and it was time to celebrate!!!!  paityn came adorned in pink, and lots of it!!! with the most beautiful first birthday cake as well! paityn and herself were really too pretty to mess up……so only minor damage took place, but that choice was paityn’s! she was very lady like and didn’t want to mess up her outfit of course!;) happy birthday cutie!! a little pre cake smash stretch! although, the icing was delicious…..she really wanted that 1!!mom and dad got dressed for the occasion as well! goodness, they are a good looking family!paityn was a very busy gal!  always moving and very interested in anything she could get her hands on! good thing mom AND dad are in law enforcement! look at that face!!!a little tickle never hurt anyone!those baby blues!! love them!

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Whitney - September 18, 2014 - 5:30 pm

The cutest!!!! Happy Birthday!


flanna had contacted me months ago, wanting to set up an anniversary photo shoot, for her husband and herself.  celebrating their marriage…..10 years of it, not to mention the 5-6 years years prior to that dating! i was excited and honored they chose to me to photograph them, for this big moment in their lives!!  they still have all that love, and most likely more of it, than the day they got married, over 10 years ago!!  you two are absolutely adorable, and i had such a great time with you both!! here is to many, many more wonderful years together!!

they brought along their wedding portrait to incorporate in their photos.:)

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Laken - September 16, 2014 - 11:55 am

Such a great idea !!! Beautiful photos !


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michele - September 12, 2014 - 12:13 am

lol zoey giving a big kiss. Pictures are great! Can’t wait to see the rest.


paul & tennelle had the most beautiful backyard wedding, surrounded by their (large) families and close friends. no rain, sun, warmth, love, happiness……perfection!  paul and tennelle have such great chemistry! after all these years, they are smitten with one another, and are all smiles when they look at each other.  truly in love in the best way! loved being apart of your day! here it is! starting off with the gorgeous tennelle! seriously stunning!!!
and paul is so handsome, charming and sweet!
we did a first look for the 2 of them, again, all smiles! ….and kisses!:)their daughters were squealing with excitement, since they got a peak at their mom and dad on their big day!tennelle was walked down by her 2 sons….tristan and tanner. such a beautiful ceremony site!so happy and in love! best way to describe these two!!finally a family of 6!paul had his dad, stand next to him as best man.  and tennelle had her grandmother stand next to her as matron of honor. loved it!grandma & grandpa were so sweet, and i am so glad a got these few “out take” shots of them, when i asked them to kiss!:)tennelle and the adorable little ones!
4 generations of beautiful!shawnee and her beautiful girls! dan-i hope you enjoy your photo bomb!;)don’t worry, there is one with out him too!;)
these adorable twins have grown since the last time i saw them, over 2 years ago when they were newbies!

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Tennelle Dienes - September 9, 2014 - 8:10 pm

Courtney, I absolutely LOVE these!! Thank you so much!!:-)

Laken - September 10, 2014 - 1:13 am

Absolutely beautiful photos Tennelle, you have a gorgeous family ! Courtney you are so talented ! Great photos !

Trisha - September 10, 2014 - 3:16 am

OMGosh….these pictures are stunning! Tennelle, look beautiful and Paul, so handsome! I cant believe Bella is so grown-up, what a cutie! So happy for you all….a wonderful 6 pack family!! :)


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this cute little babe, had a rough first couple of weeks of life, she was a fighter and got stronger each day! so happy she is now home being loved on by her big sis riayn and of course mom and dad! congratulations miller family! i can’t wait to see mia grow up to be a gorgeous little girl like riayn!

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mel & bryson came all the way from nashville, tn to have their maternity photos taken by CKP! i was so honored that they wanted to fit a shoot into their schedule while they were “back home” in PA for a short visit before the baby comes! i am not going to lie, i am super bummed, i can not meet and photograph their newborn baby boy when he arrives!  but i do look forward to another time, i can photograph them again as a family!  mel and bryson, aren’t new clients of mine, i actually shot their engagement photos in nashville, tn back in spring of 2011 and then their wedding was at the ogle bay resort in west virgina later that summer.  since then, they have added adorable pup, ceelo, and he could not be left of a few photos! mel is completely glowing through out her pregnancy and looks absolutely beautiful, but i wouldn’t expect anything less!  it was so good to see her and bryson for the couple of hours that we shot. you two are going to make such wonderful parents!!!

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it took a bit for jackson to warm up to the camera. he was a little shy at first, but he quickly warmed up and was a complete doll! mom and dad are doing a great job raising this handsome young man.  i hope jackson had as much fun as i did and he got his ice cream come topped with lots and lots of rainbow sprinkles!!! 

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