evie, your little lips are so sweet and cheeks are definitely squeezable! precious and new at 9 days old, I’m pretty sure you stole the hearts of your new parents and your fur brother loki! congrats to jeff & kat on their new sweet babe!

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i met up with doug, deana, jayden and paige the other night…..oh….and samson too! their tiny puppy! 😉  we all had a great time, but i think samson might have had the most fun! that boy can run! haha! the vasbinder’s are ready to welcome fall and so am i! they have me in the mood for jeans, boots, and fall colors! when i was a little girl, i always wanted a big brother. one who would pick on me at home….but then be my protector at school.  a big brother, that when push came to shove really did love me and was my biggest fan! i think paige lucked out in the big brother department! 

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so sweet and so new at 5 days old! the 3rd siegel baby is a GIRL! 

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the pifer family…well alan and michelle are the only 2 “pifer’s” left.  all 3 of their girls are married now, and the families continue to grow…..I can only imagine in 5 years what this group will look like! usually when I see this group, it’s during exciting times! either an engagement session, shooting a wedding, a maternity session, or a brand new baby! but this time, it wasn’t the case.  not that this time wasn’t special…..because indeed this past summer had lots of anniversaries! michelle and alan celebrated 35 years, brandi and chase-10 years, paige & lance-4 years and hailee and luke just celebrated their first year! now, michelle’s parents “bubba and dzedo” joined us as well-and this couple trumps them all with just under 59 years of wedding bliss! 🙂 “hoppy & friend” and their 6 grand babies.

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Kathy Senior - August 29, 2016 - 3:35 pm

Love them!!!!!!!


all because 2 people fell in love. the skarbek family!

19 in total. john and charlene had 4 kids……then they gained 4 spouses and 9 grandchildren! what a great group of people! i photographed them at the family’s camp, where years and years of memories have been shared. adding this evening of humidity, sweat bees and a nasty thunderstorm that rolled through in the middle of our session!
the original skarbek 6!the guys…the girls…the 9 grandchildren…
the love birds 🙂john and his family…greg and his family…kelly and her family…marc and his family…

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Jeanne Porada - August 27, 2016 - 1:50 am

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!

Joan Setree - August 27, 2016 - 3:35 pm

What fanstastic family photos! Definitely memories to cherish.


the siegel family is back…..and you will be seeing lots more of them in the next month or so!  i feel like their spring time announcement wasn’t that long ago, but here we are 3 weeks away from kelly’s due date!  i can’t wait to find out whether baby #3 is ANOTHER girl?! or a little boy?!

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JO & RYAN…MARRIED…7-16-16…

i just love these two and their love!  they both have a special little place in my heart, i wrote about how i know them when i shot their engagement photos last fall.  they had the most beautiful wedding day! these two low key hipsters really turned it up! ryan and his guys looked super cool.  jo and her girls looked so gorgeous!  nestled in the forests’ of clarion county, they got ready at a beautiful lodge and married right down the road.  their ceremony location was beautifully done and so unique.  here is their day!


i can’t believe this handsome grown man, is the same little boy, that i remember running wild when he was 5!

and jo, just totally glammed it up! i love, love, love her dress! one of my all time top favs! hair and make up on point. flowers gorgeous, jo knew exactly what she wanted! killed it girl! 😉

jo has a personality that is contagious, you can’t just love her infectious smile and love she exudes.  she loves big and hugs hard! 🙂

loved their ceremony site! perfection!

so happy, ryan was when he saw his bride!

when you write and read your own vows to one another, there are laughs, tears…..and it ends with a high five!

and sealed with a kiss!

congratulations mr & mrs gotwald! wishing you years and years of happiness!

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dorothy Klyap - August 13, 2016 - 3:29 pm

What a beautiful site, I am so sorry Jim and I missed it. But thank you for sharing the pictures. You should be a proud mom Sharon. I Just enjoyed so much looking at them over and over.

M o r e   i n f o