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my sweet, precious, adorable, loving, clever, hand waving, bubble blowing, evil laughing, aunt coco loving, super squeezable niece has turned ONE today!!!! it’s crazy how an entire year has gone by with this amazing teeny being!  she has brought so much joy to my world.  as i sit here with tears welling up in my eyes, […]

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meet rohwyn! just as sweet as her big sis paityn and makes the thompson family a party of 4!i was waiting for this smile!  i knew it was coming, i just love those big baby gummy grins! if she isn’t protected enough by her parents…..don’t worry big sis will be there too!so happy for the thompson […]

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i quite often do business, professional and political headshots, but i don’t ever blog them, because they are pretty straight forward and to the point. but, when one of your best friends (and CKP 2nd shooter and assistant), dives into a business venture and is rocking it out like i would only expect her to, […]

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