i met megan while she was a bridesmaid in nikki’s wedding last year.  and not meeting chris until a month or so before the wedding, i really wasn’t sure what to expect from the couple.  i mean…..i barely knew them…..but after our meeting at a coffee shop in shady side, just one month before their big day, i knew we would all get a long JUST fine!  but little did i know, on their wedding day, not just the 2 of them, but their family and friends were the coolest!  i love my job! 🙂 i laughed so much of the day with these amazing people, at times, it felt like i wasn’t even working?!?!  if i wasn’t so whooped at the end of my 10 hours of shooting, i would have stayed at their reception and danced the night away with them all.  because let me tell you one thing…..they know how to break it down’! much love to you megan and chris!

little side note here…..megan and chris met playing in a flag football league together.  and they are both huge football fans in general, chris is from VA, and megan of course a STEELER FAN from PA.  their gifts to each other on their wedding day…..jersey’s! how perfect!  and their expressions and responses were exactly the same!
i loved how emotional chris got when he saw megan, ahhhhh!ok there is a story behind this somewhat “odd image”, megan’s last name WAS “Beavers”, and “The Beavers” are slightly obsessed with the name and everything beavers! so of course, a beaver was looking on as they got married 😉great speeches, lucky to have such wonderful friends!these photos just don’t even do this “dance off” justice!  megan and chris battled against mr and mrs beavers!  toooo funny!

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