hailee, the last “pifer girl” to get married, was absolutely gorgeous for her big day!  luke was handsome as ever, family and friends looked wonderful, and the weather…..well, our all day rain forecast, was drizzle here and there, and didn’t rain on their parade (errr…..wedding day)!  we had tree cover and a white tent at hailee’s childhood home to shoot at, so it worked out perfectly!!!  then a beautiful farm (pictured above) after the ceremony.  Here’s their day.
hailee’s dress fit her so perfectly!!!yes, that ring is sitting on top of a metal rose……i loved her dress! it was beautiful to twirl! so so so beautiful!all 3 pifer girls are married off now! what a beautiful family!all 4 of hailee’s neices were flower girls and they were adorbale.i didn’t know luke’s family prior to wedding day, but what a wonderful bunch they are!!!luke is a welder and welded together a dozen beautiful roses for hailee.  they had an “first (non) look” right before ceremony.
the ceremony took place in the same church hailee’s parents got married in 34 years prior on the exact same date….september 12th.  and along with the priest, luke’s dad (a pastor) had a beautiful ceremony planned out for the two of them!proud dad!!! 🙂a little dance in the rain never hurt anyone!the reception was at the brand new DuBois country club, and were in fact the first wedding held there! it was finished just in time and looked beautiful!hailee and her dad went from a slow song, into a choreographed routine! what a fun surprise! a bubba sandwich! these grand daughters obviously get their love for dance from bubba!!sprakler exit to end the evening!congratulations hailee and luke!!!

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