the covatch family was so much fun to work with. i can tell what a vibrant childhood hunter is having! he is an absolute doll and has the best laugh with adoring parents!! so happy we got to take advantage of the fall’s gorgeous weather and create memories for this family! i love this simple photo below. so innocent, sweet, those big brown eyes staring me down. i can only imagine how he has his parents wrapped around his little fingers!

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Amy & Reggie didn’t want to fuss about a wedding and get caught up in all the details.  They chose to have a hometown Punxsutawney backyard wedding where the focus was fun!  although they wanted their wedding low key, they sure know how to look fabulous and have a good time! Here is their day!Amy looked stunning and loved her look!  it was just perfect!reggie, who is so handsome had a custom suit made and I adored every detail!when I say, they didn’t want fuss….they really didn’t.  a first look wasn’t on the agenda. they had figured they would have seen each other before I arrived. but they had not yet. so a quick impromptu first look happened! <3these 2 though!!! jack jack. 🙂 Amy’s nephew that everyone just adores!it’s not a Punxsutawney backyard wedding without Phil!how can you not love these dogs?!  I love that they were apart of their day!
this is what Amy & Reggie wanted….fun! Family, friends and FUN!

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Nana - October 27, 2017 - 8:38 pm


Janine Petro. (Jan...your Aunt Mary's good friend!) - January 21, 2018 - 9:52 pm

Hi, Courtney! A friend, Helen, who is a delightful IUP grad student from Nigeria, wishes to have a photo shoot with her fiance who is also from Nigeria but going to west VA for his grad degree. She wants a photographer who has a place where some outdoor & indoor photos could be taken. Nothing too extensive. She’s got a limited budget. Can you help?


it’s hard to imagine that i announced that we were expecting our first baby 5 years ago! our first baby is now 4 1/2 years old and chandler is thrilled to be a big brother (you can watch the video announcement here)! i am announcing this pregnancy later than usual. for no real reason…..other than procrastination. i had told our family, friends, my facebook and instagram friends this past summer, but i have failed to tell the rest of the internet! so, here we are…..i’m 26 weeks pregnant with a 2nd little boy, due january 31, 2018.  i often get asked how i am feeling….in the first trimester, i was super tired and exhausted…with morning sickness setting in at 6 weeks. now towards the end of my 2nd trimester, i am feeling well other than the morning sickness (still….at 26 weeks) and i have constant heartburn.  still exhausted, but i haven’t needed to take too many afternoon naps.  but, baby is healthy and i know the last 14 weeks will just fly by, and another little baby boy will be here to hold and love on! i am not sure how i will share my love between the 2 boys, but i know it must be done!  so, stay tuned for his announcement late january or early february!

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Nana - October 26, 2017 - 12:36 am



doesn’t every parent want to just bottle up the love, snuggles, giggles and hugs of a 4 year old and almost 2 year old?!? i can feel the squeezes of these 2 littles, loving on mommy and daddy. i had a great time on their beautiful property with these 4 on a hot and humid fall day!

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another baby girl is coming for the defelice family.  she’ll even out the score for the family and i am so excited to meet her….and i am pretty sure the entire family is as well! so stay tuned for baby defelice #6 around Christmas time!

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I met up with the Gilbert family on a warm fall evening, and to say that Jessica was glowing, was an understatement! She has a smile that just lights up a room and was the most adorable 20 week pregnant woman ever! Big brother Rylan and her husband Jeremy seem so excited to welcome their little girl this February! 

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another fall season is here….and that means the annual whitling family photo session had to be scheduled!  Their fall 2010 wedding seems like yesterday…..hard to believe it’s has been 7 years!  I love to see this beautiful family grow each year, and I am already planning out next fall’s session! 

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If you had to choose a set of grandparents….you might just want to choose nana and papa Gourley! I arrived to their farm, and the kids were running, the drinks were being passed, and I could smell the home cooked meal inside! You can tell when a family is comfortable and completely at home! The Gourley homestead has been here for years….and has an abundance of memories….and I know I only heard a few!  I throughly enjoyed my time spent with this beautiful family and I hope they can look back on this time when we shot and what I was able to capture and put it in the Gourley family farm memory bank!

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I loved working with this family in their own environment this year!  A beautiful setting and a beautiful family sure do make some beautiful photographs! It’s been fun seeing the kids grow over the last couple of years, and it was so nice to meet “Scout”, their lovable pup! 

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